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Arizona Article

So You Think it is Hot? Try 122 Degrees in Phoenix, Arizona
Many people look at the recent heat waves and think that these are the worst temperatures that the United States has ever faced. Indeed 112-115 degrees in Central California for nearly a week straight is a huge heat wave for that region especially with the high humidity. In fact 152 people died in that 2006 Summer Heat Wave. This same heat wave produced hot weather as the high-pressure area moved Eastward [...]

Arizona Vacations
One of the exotic places in the world where people can enjoy nature is Arizona. The state is a conjecture of old west with a dash of modern shops and cuisine. Arizona has wide variety of national parks and is the land steeped in legend and lore. Sheer red cliffs embody the northeastern part of the region and in canyon wall caves of Canyon de Chelly (pronounced de SHAY) a national monument, and the personification of ruins of Indian villages built between 350 and 1300 AD. On the other hand, there are Shallow [...]

Arizona Spa Vacations
During the winter, many tourists visit Desert spa resorts in Arizona to relax their senses and nerves from their tiring hectic schedules. During colder months, visitors can also take advantage of the warm Arizona sun and enjoy one of many outdoor activities that go on year round in Arizona. There are also several first class spa vacation resorts in Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tucson [...]

Arizona Land for Sale has good long-term Growth Potential
Land for sale in Arizona has become a popular investment, following the surge in home values in many areas of the state. Investors who saw the growth potential - and invested a few years ago, have made some huge profits. However, as new inexperienced buyers enter the fray, have the big gains come to end - or are there more to come? [...]

Be Shrewd When Buying Real Estate! Buying investment real estate at the moment requires some extra shrewdness. As the realty prices are fairly tempting right now, let's investigate the shrewdness angle! In order to buy an investment property that is going to be a good investment we need to consider its rental chances and its re-sale chances. Where will there always be renters? What does this property have that will encourage re-sale? What does this property have that will still be there whenever you come to re-sell? [...]

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