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So You Think it is Hot? Try 122 Degrees in Phoenix, Arizona

Many people look at the recent heat waves and think that these are the worst temperatures that the United States has ever faced. Indeed 112-115 degrees in Central California for nearly a week straight is a huge heat wave for that region especially with the high humidity. In fact 152 people died in that 2006 Summer Heat Wave. This same heat wave produced hot weather as the high-pressure area moved Eastward.

Many people said that is the hottest weather they had experienced.

And yet we have had even more serious heat waves in the country prior to this. For instance in Arizona they had a record heat on June 26, 1990 in Phoenix of 122 Degrees. Imagine 122 degrees and trying to walk around outside or take a jog in the park.

So if you ever think it is Hot out there and simply unbearable and you feel like complaining, well then try 122 Degrees in Phoenix, Arizona? I was there and I can tell you that it was hotter than hell and not safe to be outside for too long.

Many people say that all this heat is being caused by global warming? Well, that day in Phoenix, I believe it was 3-5 degrees hotter due to all the concrete around us and that is called Urban Heat. Nevertheless until you have been in 120 plus degree heat, you have not been to hell yet. Consider all this in 2006.

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