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Excellent Trout Fishing in Arizona

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

But the truth is that the state of Arizona offers some excellent trout fishing. One of the most popular places for fish for these beautiful fish in Arizona are the White Mountains, which are in the eastern part of the state near the New Mexico border. There are many rivers, streams, lakes, and reservoirs throughout the white mountain area and 90% of the trout that are found in Arizona are found in the area that is known as the “White Mountains”.

There are other areas within Arizona that also provide some good trout fishing as well. The biggest difference between trout fishing for trout in Arizona and fishing for trout in many other areas of the country is when the most productive times for trout fishing are. While fishing for trout really “cools off” during the winter months in hotspots such as Montana or Pennsylvania, the winter is when many Arizona trout fishermen experience the most success.

The department of fish and game aggressively stocks trout during the winter months so that the people of Arizona can enjoy the experience of catching hungry trout. The four main species of trout; brook, brown, rainbow, and cutthroat are all stocked and can all be found in the waters of this beautiful state along with another lesser known ‘native’ species of trout that can only be found in the state of Arizona, the Apache trout. The Apache trout isn’t found anywhere else and is also the state fish of Arizona.

In many parts of Arizona as the temperatures start to increase as the year progresses any trout that haven’t been caught by anglers die off due to rising water temperatures, and therefore if you are going to engage in trout fishing in Arizona the fall and winter months are often your best bet for success.

The point of the matter is that while the state of Arizona isn’t thought of as a destination for trout by many people, this beautiful state actually offers some very productive trout fishing waters. Whether you are a lake, river, spin, or fly fisherman the Grand Canyon State can provide you with some excellent fishing opportunities.

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