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The Importance of Homeowners Insurance in Arizona

Arizona homeowners insurance is a significant expense and it has an important purpose in protecting your finances. Because of this, taking the time to familiarize yourself with the basics of homeowners insurance in Arizona can greatly increase your chances of finding the best deal on insurance for your home.

Factors Affecting Arizona Homeowners Insurance Rates

Each geographic location comes with its own perils and other circumstances that are specific to that area. These set of circumstances will, in large part, determine your Arizona home insurance rates. In Arizona, insurance rates for homes are driven by the crime rate that is among the highest in the United States. According to the latest statistics, a property crime is committed every 114 seconds in Arizona. This of course, leads to high homeowners insurance costs. High wind storms, or monsoons, are prevalent in Arizona and usually bring with them heavy rain or hail, both of which can cause damage to homes. Wildfires are also a common peril in Arizona. Monsoons and wildfires may force you to purchase separate policies that expressly cover flooding, wind/hail damage and damage caused by wildfires.

Arizona Homeowners Insurance Companies

Looking for insurance for your home will also require you to review the insurance providers licensed to do business in Arizona. You can do most of the research using the internet, but once you have narrowed down your list, making phone calls to the prospective companies is a great way to get more information and get a feel for how they may treat you as a customer.

Here are some notable Arizona insurance companies to consider.

Arizona Home Insurance Company
Bank of America
Bullhead City Insurance Center Inc.
Lori Creed Insurance Inc.
Western Mutual of Arizona

Saving Money on Arizona Homeowners Insurance

To save money on homeowners insurance in Arizona, you should take advantage of the resources that are available to you. First of all, look local. This means checking out your local Arizona Better Business Bureau. Official complaints against local companies will be filed there. The Arizona Department of Insurance will also have a record of complaints, as well as updates on changing regulations, helpful tips for shopping, and information about the types of insurance available. There are also rate quote sites out there to help you quickly gather quotes from local Arizona homeowners insurance companies in order to find the best deal.

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